Drag-free, quicker acting, fuel efficient & environmentally friendly brakes.

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AirBack launched its revolutionary drag-free brake design at the Automotive EuroBrake Event 2015 held in Dresden, Germany. 


Many in the industry were taken by its concept and effectiveness on plain discs, leading to a request for a design that would work on cross-drilled discs. AirBack responded with a brand new, world first design that could be retro fitted. Since then the system has evolved into what is believed to be the ultimate solution to efficient and clean braking. The compact system can be used on fixed or sliding callipers, cross drilled, slotted or even carbon-composite/ceramic-faced fully floating discs. 


Trevor Mennie, AirBack® developer, was recognised for his work in the field of dustless brakes by his nomination for the inaugural Queen Elizabeth Award for Engineering Design 2013 being sponsored by local professionals and the Royal Academy for Engineering.

AirBack® Brake Technology - Environmentally Better by Design

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