No brake drag: No associated WLTP penalty!

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As the automotive industry is forced to clean-up its act, 

AirBack® add-on brake technology offers pad retraction with fluid pre-fill - without brake pedal sink!


Finally, great news for the industry and the environment!


AirBack’s IP protected design provides a cost effective solution to avoid WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) penalty that otherwise would result from brake drag. 


Benefits of the system: 


There are two variations of this system:

Electronically controlled for highly efficient road-vehicle use and accelerator-linked for Motorsport use, having no electronic controls.

Both variations use the principle of differential air pressure between the master cylinder (MC) and that of atmosphere to controllably move the caliper pistons. The adjustable air pressure supply imbalance causes the brake fluid to either negatively or positively bring about the effect of brake retraction or the pre-fill of the brake fluid system, respectively. To ensure no cross contamination, a flexible diaphragm is arranged to separate the air supply and the brake fluid in the MC reservoir.

The design uses miniature compressors, valves etc. that fit in the palm of your hand that act independent of other 'on-board' brake-controlled systems. The AirBack® system may be used in conjunction with any type of disk or caliper with equal effect. Both designs are fail-safe in use with power interruption or removal mid-cycle, without compromise of normal brake effect.

System settings can be optimized for reduced brake-pedal travel (SAFER) or less non-braking drag (ECONOMY).

During accelerator use, brake drag is removed by adding negative pressure to the MC.

With the accelerator linked system, upon release of the accelerator the compressor adds positive air pressure to the MC reservoir, pre-filling the fluid system, ready for use. Upon brake actuation the compressor switches off, ensuring that the system does not affect any other brake control system during its use. The compressor otherwise continues to be operational since Motorsport will require its continuous use.

With the electronically controlled system, upon release of the accelerator, a positive pulse of high pressure air is added for a few tenths of a second (adjustably) from a small reservoir, causing the caliper pistons to return to their former position and be in firm contact with their respective brake pad. The effect of this is to ensure no piston gaps remain and that the pre-fill of the brake fluid system is complete, ready for normal use without additional pedal sink.

The system is both highly effective and adjustable without detriment to either brake effect or brake feel, confirmed by road use.

Upon reuse of the accelerator the compressor will simultaneously replace both the negative and positive pressures before turning off indefinitely whilst awaiting the next cycle, signaled by the accelerator release.

Numerous tests have been conducted at elevated temperatures, with results that far exceed the expectations of all who observed the tests!

This image shows both prototypes of the system mounted on the master cylinder reservoir, for comparison purposes. Both systems can be seen to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

AirBack® Brake Technology - Environmentally Better by Design

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